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"FINAL FANTASY X" HD Remake coming soon!

This week Square Enix held a press conference on Wednesday September 14th ahead of the Tokyo Game Show (TGS). At the conference they announced a HD remake of a Final Fantasy game. No, it’s not the Final Fantasy VII remake that fans have been demanding, but instead a remake of arguably the series second most popular game, Final Fantasy X.

The PS2 game will undergo a HD remastering and will be released for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita ready for its 10th anniversary.

If you’re wondering why FFX is getting a remake and not FFVII, it’s because PS2 games are a lot easier to remake as they only need remastering (upgrading the graphics, getting the lip-syncing right, etc). However, remaking FFVII would mean completely remaking the game from scratch (Re-creating characters, backgrounds, towns, recording voice-overs, etc). Then again SE have already made FFVII: Advent Children and FFVII: Crisis Core

Whilst we at Entertainment Zone are disappointed that a FFVII remake hasn’t been announced, we do love FFX and welcome the HD remastering with open arms!

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